Hello World, here comes TORsten!

Strong, flexible, intelligent.

Movement is the core of every logistics task. Why always designing the transport vehicle for individual use instead of picking up the load via individual transport platforms that allows low-cost customization and maximum flexibility? TORsten is a modular AGV (automated guided vehicle) which allows transport of individual parts and industrial load carriers up to a weight of 7 t via these transport platforms. TORsten can be controlled remotely, or navigates autonomously through your storage and production halls.

News about TORsten!

21.07.17 - Looking-glass upon the wall...

Who is fairest of us all? There is no doubt that TORsten is not only innovative and highly intelligent, but also damn good-looking. That is also confirmed by winning the German Design Award in the category "Excellent Product Design > Industry".

10.05.17 - TORsten is "AGV of the year 2017"!!!

We are still in shock. In a very tight final, TORsten wins the IFOY Award in the category of Automated Guided Vehicles. A huge success for all of us and the deserved reward for the last few months. The success story TORsten goes on ...

05.05.17 - Now is TORsten

The Hannover Messe has caused a strong media presence. Torsten is a hot topic and so today we got prominent visitors. Martin Schulz, chancellor candidate of the SPD, asked us to demonstrate the advantages of TORsten in times of increasing digitalization to him and other members of the party.

18.04.17 - Double victory at the German Industriepreis

One week before the Hannover Messe, TORsten has won his first prize and that in two categories. At the German Industriepreis we were not only able to prove in the categorie Intralogistics and Production Management, but has also been named as the overall winner.

TORsten's abilities

Despite its compact dimensions, TORsten is highly loadable und powerful. Furthermore, the omnidirectional drive concept makes TORsten extremly manoeuvrable and allows ergonomic 360°-all around-assembly. The self-learning and autonomous navigation completes the offer. TORsten could become the most diligent helper of your in-house logistic.

  • omnidirectional drive
  • 1,200 kg load
  • speed 0.6 m/s
  • self-learning autonomous navigation
  • compact dimensions
  • 24/7 operation possible

For additional information, the following documents are available for download:

TORsten in action

A picture is worth a thousand words, so please have a look at our multimedia content.

TORsten at Schaeffler

Demonstration of the remote controlled version of TORsten at Schaeffler in Wuppertal

A typical application

The 3D-animation shows typical tasks that TORsten could handle in your company.


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